My Wine Hat

Stylish Hats That Invoke Beautiful Wine Regions From all Over the World

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Classically styled hats that invoke beautiful wine regions from all over the world from My Wine Hat!

I’ve been wearing hats while tasting wine and traveling around the world for the past twenty years, but it wasn’t until recently that I noticed how many other oenophiles also loved a good hat. Why not officially marry these two amazing things that pair so well? We have created elegant, custom-designed, branded hats inspired by the top wine regions worldwide. However, being a wine lover is definitely not a requirement to love our hats.

All hats are designed and in stock here in the great USA. From our 100% Australian wool to our ethically sourced feathers, our natural, high-quality components are sourced from around the world to ensure only the best of the best will be resting on your head.

The saying goes, “Take one accessory off before leaving the house” - I say don’t leave the house without your hat. With classic shapes and a rainbow of colors to choose from, we have the perfect hat to elevate any outfit. So join us as we learn more about wine through fashion and give back to the conservative community by purchasing through Mammoth Nation.