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Rhino Carbon Fiber Products

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Rhino Carbon Fiber Products

National Infrastructure Retrofitting, LLC is a registered distributor of Rhino Carbon Fibers, Inc. Our goal is to provide a consistent and reliable discount marketplace for contractors in the carbon fiber industry with a simple and straightforward user experience.

Our mission is to become a single-source vendor for carbon fiber contractors by providing the highest quality products available in the industry through Rhino Carbon Fiber™ Reinforcement Products. Our purpose is to offer contractors all the same quality, support, engineering, and R&D from RCF but at discounted prices to make every job more profitable. As a licensed distributor for Rhino Carbon Fiber™, we are dedicated to providing the best repair solution products for any project of any size; and to meet and exceed our customers' expectations with support through an international distribution network and brand presence.

National Infrastructure Retrofitting is ALWAYS 1.25% less than the MSRP and offers the same services and features as Rhino Carbon Fiber. Mammoth Nation members receive a free Bronze Membership (valued at $300) and which provides discounts between 2.5% - 4.25%. *Discount does not apply to tools or safety items.