NightHawk Footwear

NightHawk Footwear

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NightHawk Footwear


THE solution for ground level lighting from NightHawk Footwear!

NightHawk Footwear – the ONLY gear for SUPERB ground level lighting Nothing compares to having the right setup in the dark deep in the woods. Our NightHawk lighted leg gaiters not only protect you from the elements, but also provide hands-free illumination that shines light in front of your feet where you need it most. No more annoying head straps that would give you a headache, blinding each other around the campfire, fogging up the light in cold weather, and bugs buzzing around the light near your face. Just superb ground level lighting that is perfect for slipping through the darkness. You can safely trek, climb into your deer stand, and hike those extra miles from dusk to dawn. They also come in red LEDs, which lessen your chances for spooking your nemesis!
NightHawk Footwear for all your outdoor activity
Our lighted gaiters are perfect for hunting, hiking, camping, and even bike-riding! They are a never seen before product and new to the market, so get yours at Mammoth Nation today. We are a veteran owned and operated company and a proud partner of Mammoth Nation. Member discount code will be revealed under the NightHawk logo when logged in.

NightHawk Footwear – the ONLY gear for SUPERB ground level lighting.

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