NoAir Coffee

Vacuum Cold Brew is the Future of Coffee: Tasting is Believing!

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker
NoAir Coffee is a family-owned startup in Southwest Missouri. We are a conservative bunch, and we aim to make cold brew coffee great again!

Our patent-pending Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing technology draws in amazing complex flavors while preventing oxidation. It brews fast, prevents stale aftertastes, and stays vacuum-fresh for the entire brew cycle. Cold brewing with a NoAir produces the freshest, most flavorful cold brew you have ever tasted - or your money back. It brews in half the time due to the vacuum accelerated brewing method (8 hours versus 16 hours) and stays vacuum-sealed fresh for the entire brew cycle. The NoAir Coffee System Cold Brewer is made of Stainless Steel and Tritan Plastic, making this cold brewer sturdy, portable, and great for camping and travel.