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Nottingham Tactical


High quality American made pens from Nottingham Tactical!

Here at Nottingham Tactical, we don’t just make pens. We record history.

If you are wanting the best ballpoint ink pen on the market, we have what you’re looking for!

Our newest TiButton Double Lock pen was engineered and designed to outlast you and look good doing it.
High quality American made pens from Nottingham Tactical
We built the first pen on the market with a safety, so you will never have to worry about accidental ink stains, without having to forfeit the sleek, professional look of titanium. With over 70 years of metal working experience, our goal is perfection - giving you the satisfaction that your pen and its quality will uphold as an heirloom for generation to come.

We hope you love your new NTI pen as much as we enjoy producing top quality products for you to enjoy!

- Lee and the NTI Team.

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