Off the Vine Designs

Handmade Furniture & Decor Crafted From Upcycled Wine Crates

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Apparel - Furniture & Decor - Bottle Stoppers

Handmade furniture designs crafted from upcycled wine crates made in America by Off the Vine Designs!

A little bit about me and Off the Vine Designs:

I started Off the Vine Designs in 2017, after a long career in corporate America ended, and boredom (along with the frustration of finding a simple, unique bookshelf for a space in my home) set in. Once I realized how unbelievably fun and rewarding it was to build my own piece of furniture from upcycled wine crates, I was hooked. My items were featured in a local artisan furniture store until Covid shut the store down temporarily. The store opened back up, but I never looked back.

I am proud to source my crates locally and build everything right from my home in beautiful Clearwater, Florida. I find wine crates from all over the country and the world, and am able to make each piece unique to my customers' requests. I take pride in my work and handle everything myself from start to finish.

I'm super approachable and will work with you if you're looking for a specific crate, style, size, color, fabric...anything! My end goal is always for my client to LOVE what they purchase from me, and tell all their wine-loving friends!