Patriot Provisions Gives Back

Locally-Produced Beef Jerky & Smokies

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Snacks - Beef Jerky - Smokies

High-quality treats with a mission from Patriot Provisions Gives Back!

Patriot Provisions Gives Back, a family-owned company supplying locally produced beef jerky and smokies, giving back the proceeds to the Special Forces Foundation.

Packaged in 3.25 oz. clear packaging, our delicious jerky is 97% fat-free, easy to chew and available in 5 flavors (Original, Mild Hickory, Pepper, Sweet & Hot, and Teriyaki). Available in 7 oz. clear packaging, our Smokies come in two flavors (Mild and Spicy) with just the right amount of heat.

We started the Patriot Provisions line to give back as a result of the tremendous support given to our son. Following college graduation in emergency medicine, with a previous career as a firefighter and paramedic, our son enlisted in the U.S. Army and eventually qualified as an 18-Delta, Special Forces combat medic.

After we received a phone call indicating that he was injured during combat, we spent a great deal of time in Walter Reed Medical Center witnessing the generosity of several benevolent foundations formed to give support to the warriors and the families with them.

When well enough to return home, the first responders welcomed home one of their own. The local firefighters, police and medical communities displayed unwavering support for his recovery. We vowed to find a way to give back to the benevolent military and community organizations here and beyond our local area.

Today, we are pleased to offer these high-quality products online and to continue to give back the proceeds from each sale to the Special Forces Foundation.