Supplement for Dogs with Allergies

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You will want to read this story if your dog has itchy skin, recurring ear infections, or hot spots.

I'm Dr. Dave Farnum, a veterinarian for over 30 years. I'm also a pet parent to Baxter, a 4-year-old Corgi, and Allie, a 13-year-old Australian Shepherd. When he was about 2, Baxter started digging at his ears and itching like mad. When he wasn't scratching, he was licking his paws obsessively.

I called a fellow veterinarian to ask about the current treatments for dog allergies. I work with farm animals, so I wanted to get the latest from the front lines of canine medicine. That call put me uniquely positioned to be both a dog parent and a veterinary professional.

I was SHOCKED and frustrated when I heard what my colleague had to say. The fundamentals of treating itchy dogs hadn't changed all that much in over 30 years. There are new treatments, but most mask the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause.

Believe me; I GET IT! When your best friend is itching like mad relieving, the symptoms are urgent. You and your pal deserve more than symptom relief. It isn't right. You shouldn't have to make a trip to the vet every month for a shot or give pills every day that only mask the symptoms.

I was every bit as frustrated as you are...Maybe more frustrated. I love being a veterinarian and have high expectations for my profession. I felt let down.

Making animals' lives better is always on my mind. I went to work to understand the root cause of these problems. Then to find a natural and biologically appropriate solution. The root cause for so many dogs is in their food bowl morning and night. Over-processed and over-cooked dog food directly impacts your dog's immune system. The result is itching, hot spots, and nasty ears.

The next step was finding the right ways to combat that inflammation and immune response. Giving the dog's body the tools it needs can help it overcome the effects of over-processed food. Baxter was my guinea pig as I formulated over and over until we arrived at what has become PawMega.

I'm happy to report that Baxter doesn't dig at his ears, lick his paws, or itch like mad anymore. I want your dog to experience the same result, and I'm here to help. I believe that once you start seeing the relief it gives your dog, you will want to use PawMega every day.