Pearson Ranch Jerky

Specializing in Elk, Buffalo, Venison & Wild Boar Jerky

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Jerky - Summer Sausage


Pearson Ranch, founded in 1959, is family-owned, raising elk, buffalo (also known as bison) and cattle. Located in the beautiful southwestern mountains of New Mexico at an elevation of 7,800 feet, the virtually untouched surroundings host elk, deer, black bear, antelope, mountain lions, wolves, turkeys and other small game.

Pearson Ranch has been in the meat snack business since 2000. The main focus of ranch operations shifted to meat snack products in the summer of 2011. Buffalo (Bison) products were introduced in 2003, and Venison and Wild Boar products were added in 2014.

Pearson Ranch Jerky's products provide a great alternative for people used to eating beef-based meat snacks as well as those looking to try meat snacks for the very first time. The exotic-based meat snacks are made of only natural ingredients, contain no added nitrites, have no MSG, are gluten-free, and come conveniently packaged to complement even the most active lifestyles. Pearson Ranch Jerky is a great source of lean protein and satisfies even the heartiest appetites.