The Pet Loader

Safely Load Your Pets!

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Pet Stairs

The help you need to load your pet ensuring safety for you and them, The Pet Loader!

We invented Pet Loader out of our necessity 17 years ago. Our 118-pound Labrador, Casey, had torn her ACLs, and getting her into and out of our SUV was beyond challenging. Observing what is wrong with ramps, I approached this problem with the recognition that humans are vertical, and our four (and occasionally three) legged friends are horizontal. The Pet Loader is designed to provide our horizontal pets with their natural gait into and out of all vehicles. Strong, safe, and secure!

To manufacture the best pet product on the market, our tooling makes all of the components of Pet Loader, from American-made steel latches to the black turn knobs and all platforms. Made in the USA, and proud of it!

Pet Loader comes in many models to fit the particular needs of our customers and their dear pets. Our Mini 12-inch wide, 14.5-inch wide Ultra light, and 16-inch wide models carry 150-pound pets, and our XL and MAX models safely carry the 250-300-pound breeds. From sedans, crossover vehicles, full-size SUVs, and pick-up trucks to full-size Semis, we have a Pet Loader that will fulfill the mission.

Boating with your pets? We invented the Pet Loader H2O for that mission too. The Pet Loader H2O on your fiberglass swim platform or the deck of your Pontoon boat will safely allow your pet to board from the water. Great for the backyard pool too.