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All-Natural Plant-Based, Full-Spectrum Prebiotic Fiber Supplements

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The Prebiotin® family of nutritional supplements are all-natural plant-based, full-spectrum prebiotic fiber supplements. The prebiotic fibers in Prebiotin, Oligofructose-Enriched-Inulin, or OEI, are proven to stimulate good bacteria growth throughout the entire colon, thus optimizing the prebiotic benefits you can realize by taking it daily.

The Prebiotin formula provides generous portions of both oligofructose and inulin derived from the chicory root, one of the richest sources of prebiotic fiber. The combination of both, called OEI, seems to provide a synergy whereby the mixture of the two has been found to be more effective in producing beneficial results—nourishing desirable gut bacteria—than either type of fiber by itself.

The bottom line is that the Prebiotin formula has significant amounts of both oligofructose and inulin. You get positive bacterial action throughout the colon. It is why we call this product a full-spectrum prebiotic formula. It is why medical researchers have overwhelmingly chosen this formula for their research. Products with just FOS or inulin only give your colon half of what it really needs.

Our Mission at Jackson GI Medical is to empower improved gut microbiome health worldwide, eliminating gut imbalance through the development and responsible marketing of natural prebiotic fiber supplements backed by medically credible third-party research. Our vision is a world free of gut imbalance-caused diseases and conditions due to the lack of prebiotic fiber. Our guiding values are to treat our customers, affiliates and Prebiotin team members as we would want to be treated: with honesty, respect, compassion and transparency. This includes our commitment and support of our veterans, military and law enforcement. Prebiotin shares the conservative principles of all Mammoth Nation vendors and members.