Prime Time Athletic Performance

For Athletes of All Ages to Perform Their Best On & Off the Field with Proper Nutrition & Exercise

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Pre-Workout - Whey & Vegan Protein Powder - Vitamins - Joint/Rehab Supplements - Reds & Greens Powder
Prime Time Athletic Performance was founded by a Firefighter looking for a supplement brand that hit all areas of fitness and nutrition. Supplements that would not only support the demands of a stressful shift or workout but support the needs of an everyday athlete playing any sport. 

We wanted a supplement that provided top-tier ingredients in its sports nutrition line like, whey protein, vegan protein, pre-workout, and BCAA’s. We wanted a product that hits all your daily micro and mineral nutrients in a once-a-day men’s and women's multivitamin, omega 3, greens and reds. We wanted to support in mental health, gut health, and overall fitness and wellness. What we found is a market flooded with mediocre health and wellness supplement companies - none of which reached the quality and performance that we expected. That’s why Prime Time was started, a one stop shop for everything an athlete needs.

We start with top-tier ingredients in all of our products making them easily digestible and used by the body, not wasted like the cheap stuff. Prime Time Athletic Performance is NSF-certified putting us in the top 1% of the supplement market. We are put through stringent testing to hold that certification so we can remain a top supplement of choice for high school athletes to tactical athletes.

We are made right here in the good Ol’ US of A and distributed out of GA so shipping times are lightning fast. Prime Time Athletic Performance has something for every athlete looking to dominate on and off the field to accomplish that next PR. When you’re looking for the best, trust in Prime Time Athletic Performance to deliver.

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