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Survival Kits - Survival Tools
Survival kits are designed and assembled in the USA by Ready Prep Supplies!

Ready Prep Supplies LLC is located in beautiful North Carolina. Our company strives to be the prime source of quality products for outdoor activities, first aid, emergency, and survival.

There are 13 years of field experience with the Ski Patrol behind our company. Providing first aid in extreme outdoor conditions gives different perspectives on what is essential in emergencies, what it takes to be self-sufficient, what is needed to survive, and how to endure physical and logistical limitations. A methodical approach constantly practiced and supported by proper tools and skills is the key to a successful first aid action. All the learnings and practical knowledge from the Ski Patrol deployments are utilized while creating our products.

Our survival kit is designed and assembled in the USA from domestic and foreign components. The idea and motto behind our survival kit is to have “real tools for real situations.” We have spent a significant amount of time with trial and error to put together an essential kit with tools you can rely on. This kit is great for any prepper looking to equip their car, home, office, or camper with an all-in-one kit.

If you are a hiker or love outdoor life and camping, you can benefit from the waterproof dry bag, hand chainsaw, tactical knife, fishing kit, multifunction solar-powered radio with power bank, and most importantly, the first aid kit. This kit contains 127 pieces that can be used for any situation, including natural disasters, emergencies, or wild adventures. Our kit is packed in an oversized 5-gallon dry bag to protect it from moisture. The larger bag size allows our customers to customize our kits by adding additional components that may be needed for different deployments like boating trips, diving, camping, hunting, or keeping in the car for emergencies. Customers have enough available space in the bag to add some medicine, food, clothing, or anything else that may be required for a specific trip or deployment. Most importantly is that you keep yourself and your family safe when needed.

We love our country and fellow patriots and look forward to serving you with our products.