Rick Herter Art

Nostalgic, Historical & Military Art, Celebrating the American Spirit

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Original Artwork
Hear the roar of a fighter jet and be surrounded by the sound of freedom. Feel the splash of sea spray as an aircraft carrier majestically cuts through the ocean's waves. Feel the rumbling power of a steam locomotive as it speeds past you. These are the sights and sounds of freedom today and the glory days of our great nation's history. Be encompassed by the colors, details and composition of world-class art produced for everyone. You'll feel like you've been transported into the painting and present in the middle of the action. These are a few of the reactions you'll experience when you view the patriotic artwork of Rick Herter!

Rick creates the finest in signed and numbered, limited edition prints and canvases for your home. His production process uses the latest in cutting-edge digital technology and printing reproduction to faithfully produce prints and canvases that are exact replicas of his original paintings. Each piece of art is closely inspected personally by the artist himself, ensuring that any art that leaves his Florida studio for your home is perfect!

Rick's inspirational art celebrates the American story. His work in your home will bring you and your family hours of enjoyment and will serve as delightful, reflective conversation starters with friends. Keep in mind that art endures and increases in value over time. These works will become your future family heirlooms.

Rick Herter's original paintings hang in public and private collections worldwide. The artist's works hang in prestigious venues like the Pentagon, Air Force Academy and many Museums, along with major U.S. Commands and Corporations around the globe. Rick's work is authentic because he's lived what he paints. Since the 1980s, Rick has been a flight-qualified historical artist for the U.S. Air Force, accompanying the Armed Forces of the United States during both peacetime and at war.