Wearable Personal Help Alert GPS Devices That Directly Calls & Texts Loved-Ones

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CareCaller™ 911 Help Alert Pendant - CareCaller™ Help Alert Pendant - CareCaller™ SOS Help Alert Smartwatch - GuardianAngel™ Child SOS Safety Button - LifeGuardian™ Adult SOS Safety Button

The First Wearable Personal Help Alert GPS Devices That Directly Calls & Texts Loved-Ones

SafeGuardian is proud to be a veteran-owned & operated nationwide business for over 15 years.

Statistics show that 56 million families are the primary caregiver for an aging family member at home. One in three seniors will experience a fall this year, and many more will require non-emergency routine assistance. Additionally, 1.8 million are trail runners, and 23% are women. In the U.S., 2,300 children are reported missing each day. Over 60% of Alzheimer's sufferers will wander at some point in time.

SafeGuardian's innovative CareCallers are designed to directly call caregivers, family, neighbors, or friends instead – encouraging wearers to call for personal assistance whenever or wherever they need it. The feature that sets the CareCaller apart from every other traditional medical alarm system is that it sends an immediate text notification and calls up to five (5) user-programmable contacts when the SOS button is pressed. When the call is answered, the wearer can speak with the contact using the built-in two-way speakerphone.

We have monitored thousands of customers during the past decade. Our experience showed us that 90% of the help calls are for routine personal assistance. These calls include requests for non-injury help requests, wellness check-ins, and routine daily matters.

ONE-TOUCH HELP ALERTS - The SafeGuardian CareCallers are simple to use – press the large "SOS" Button or smartwatch screen for three seconds. The multi-language voice assistant will speak to the wearer and inform them of the status of the call – and provide instructions to cancel the call.

REAL-TIME GPS LOCATOR - Designed for today's mobile population, each CareCaller™ includes a built-in real-time GPS locator. The instant the SOS button activates the CareCaller™, an urgent text message is sent to the primary contact. The text message alerts the contact of the device activation, identifies the wearer by name, provides the exact date/time of the activation, transmits the precise GPS location, and even provides a link to a Google map.

DIRECT CONTACT CALLING - Next, the CareCaller™ will immediately begin dialing the five pre-programmed contact numbers in order. When a contact answers the call, they can speak with the wearer over the built-in two-way speakerphone. If a contact does not answer, the CareCaller™ dials the second number on file and then the third number - for up to five minutes.

CALL-IN & CHAT FEATURE - More advanced than other older wearables, CareCallers enable the pre-designated contacts to call the wearer's CareCaller anytime to speak with them to ensure they are all right. Caregivers can also quickly and easily send a simple text message to the CareCaller™ and receive its current location – making it perfect for lost or disoriented wearers.

FREE FALL / ACCIDENT ALERTS - Every CareCaller model includes free fall alerts that detect and notify family members & caregivers of a possible fall or accident.

OPTIONAL TEXT ALERTS - All contacts can be set up to receive immediate text alerts and important notifications to their smartphone. Optional text alerts to all contacts is just +$10/mo.

NO CONTRACT MONTHLY SERVICE PLANS - Every SafeGuardian model is waterproof, self-contained, rechargeable, and provides nationwide protection. Monthly, no contract service plans begin as low as $29/mo. Emergency 24/7 professional monitoring is also available for the best possible protection for only +$10/mo.

SafeGuardian models are available in a full line-up of specialized models, including the CareCaller™ 911 Help Alert Pendant, The CareCaller™ Help Alert Pendant, and the CareCaller™ SOS Help Alert Smartwatch, GuardianAngel™ Child SOS Safety Button and LifeGuardian™ Adult SOS Safety Button.