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Sagan Life®


Sagan Life® water purification products are proudly Made in the USA.

"Making the Unthinkable Drinkable" is a reality with Sagan Life® water purifiers. It's not just a filter; it's a purifier - specifically designed to remove protozoa, bacteria and viruses, offering a higher level of defense. Wherever you get your water, from the tap, a nearby pond or lake, or the flood water running down your street - your water will be safe to drink with Sagan Life® purifiers.

Our advanced technology makes the difference. Nano fibers act as magnets and catch everything, including viruses, making your water safe for drinking, cooking, everything. Enjoy fresh drinking water daily in your home or on the trail. In an emergency, water is going to be your number one needed resource. Make sure the water you provide your family is safe with the reliability of Sagan Life® products.

Thinking of getting a food storage supply? Be sure to check out our water and food storage containers. AquaBrick® Containers will store water and dry foods safely and securely long-term. If you are looking for honest, dependable products you can trust - trust Sagan Life®.

~The Sagan Life® Team

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