Sentry H2O

Only the Cleanest Water With a Water Treatment System From Sentry H2O!

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Wellness System - Whole House System - Well Water House System - Scale Control Kit

Sentry H2O is a family-owned small business that combines the best German water technology with innovative American engineering to proudly provide families and businesses across America with one-of-a-kind water treatment systems that remove harmful toxins and enrich water with essential nutrients.

When our family moved to Arizona, there were two main options for getting clean water: bottled water (expensive and wasteful) or reverse osmosis (bulky and strips water of essential nutrients). We quickly realized that to get affordable, toxin-free, mineral-enriched water for our family, we would have to design a water treatment system ourselves. So we did—and it’s so effective that we must share it!

The Sentry Wellness System is an under-sink water treatment system with the following benefits:

  • Removes harmful toxins like ammonia, lead, fluoride, cyanide, copper, chlorine, chromium, arsenic, sulfates, pesticides, bacteria, PFAs, PFOs, Pharmaceutical VOCs, and more
  • Enriches water with essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and increased pH for on-demand alkalinity
  • Neutralizes soft and hard scale
  • Zero-waste, point-of-use system that treats water in 5 stages
  • Effective for all types of water, including recycled water
  • Easy 15-minute installation

Enjoy healthy, great-tasting water with the under-sink Sentry Wellness System, and keep an eye out for upcoming product launches, including our refrigerator, whole-house, and commercial water treatment systems. Get free shipping and save 10% for being a Mammoth Nation Member by logging in to receive the member-exclusive discount code and start shopping today!