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Whole House Water Filter Systems - Under Sink Water Filters - Countertop Water Filters - Shower Head Water Filters - Well Water Treatment
ESD Water is piloted by Steve Harrison, a US Army Infantry O-1 "Birddog" Recon and FAC Aviator (Vietnam 1968-69) Veteran. After military life, I finished college with a BS in ED (Biology) and later became Lab Director for the City of Charleston, IL water quality division. I retired after 22 years as a water chemist and founded Environmental Systems Distributing (ESD Water) in 1998.

The prime motivation for forming ESD Water was, and still is, the outright disgust at how overt profit motive drives so much of the marketing of what is offered for water treatment products and systems. It doesn't have to be that way. At ESD, we offer only USA-made top-of-the-line water treatment products — whole house, under sink, countertop, shower dechlorination and icemaker/appliance water filters and both residential and commercial scale well water treatment systems. Whatever the application and size, we'll work with you to get it right.