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Rattan & Wicker Outdoor & Indoor Furniture - Lamps - Cushions - Bars & Barstools
American Rattan was founded by Master Sargent Mark Mosher in 2002 following his retirement from 21 years in the U.S. Air Force. Mark has maintained a simple and straightforward customer service philosophy all of these years – “provide the best possible products, at the lowest possible prices, and with the best customer service.” And working with his team of hardworking, highly trained, and knowledgeable consultants, he has delivered on that promise. Mark is a strong conservative and believes deeply in American founding principles and freedoms. He is a staunch believer that our government follows an "AMERICA FIRST" agenda that prioritizes our country's and people's needs.

Mark chose Rattan and Wicker as a business because he loves the rustic and tropical look of the furniture. Mark is also the web designer and online marketing manager. It's important to note that Rattan and Wicker furniture can blend wonderfully with your current furniture, bringing warmth and beauty to any setting. In fact, Mark loves this furniture so much that he added his new trademark, “The Rattan Man,” to his business in 2016.

You will see “The Rattan Man” when visiting this amazing online store. After visiting and finding collections and styles you like, it's a great idea to reach out to discuss fabrics, availability, and other details with our knowledgeable team of Rattan consultants.