High-Performance Gel Seating Cushion

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Gel Comfort Seating
 Sit-Mate is a high-performance gel seating product that brings relief to folks who suffer from hip and back pain. With thousands in daily use, Sit-Mate fans can sit in real comfort while at work or enjoying their favorite pastime.

As a lifelong engineer, I made the first Sit-Mate for my wife. Laura is an avid quilter that often requires sitting for long stretches. But the pain in her back and hips had become so intense that her joy became a misery.

After much research, I discovered a viscoelastic polymer gel used in medical supports for extended surgery. It's also used to help burn victims and those who are permanently confined to a wheelchair. The stuff is amazing! Unlike cheaper "memory foam" pads, our proprietary gel doesn't bottom out. It delivers comfort by eliminating pressure "hot spots" and diffusing and distributing your weight over a much larger area. You won't believe the difference!

Upholstered in a thick layer of plush AirFlex fabric, Sit-Mate helps to keep you cool. And the no-slip bottom holds it securely in your seat with no sliding around.

Laura described it as "a miracle," and it put the fun back into her favorite hobby. Word quickly spread among all of her quilting buddies, and Sit-Mate was born.

What started out as a product for "little old ladies" is now being enjoyed by truck drivers, mail carriers, parents on soccer bleachers, office and IT workers, farmers- anyone who experiences pain from long periods of sitting. If hip and back pain is "harshing your mellow," we hope you'll give Sit-Mate a try. It's the Seat You'll Wanna Sit In!