Solar Blaster

Solar-Powered Vent & Lighting Solutions for Shipping Containers, Attics & Sheds

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RoofBlaster (Roof Vent Fans) - VentBlaster (Exhaust Vent) - LightBlaster (Lighting) - RidgeBlaster - TileBlaster (Roof Vent for Tiled Roofs) - Skylights for Shingled Roof Homes
Solar Blaster offers a variety of solar-powered fan ventilation and tubular skylight solutions for homes, sheds and shipping containers. We help boost the effectiveness of a normally passive vent whenever the sun is out to help expel the hot/moist air more efficiently.

Shipping Container Solutions: Our biggest sellers are the vents and tubular skylights we offer for shipping containers. We have taken our very popular Solar RoofBlaster vent/fan unit and designed a special form-fitting flashing that will sit flush on top of most shipping containers. Ventilation is key for steel shipping containers. If you plan to store equipment you don't want to get rusted or damaged due to moisture and heat inside your steel shipping container, you need to ventilate your container sufficiently. We recommend 1-2 vents for every 20' of container. Remember, that uniform air movement throughout your entire container is important. You will need intake vents down low as well for fresh air to enter your container so the hotter air rises and exhausts out of the vent on your container's roof. We also offer a solar tube lighting solution for your shipping container which uses natural sunlight to light up your dark container whenever it is daylight.

Designed by a career roofer who recognized a problem with his customer's attics (rotting wood, mold and other issues) that were not a result of his own workmanship on the roof but rather a lack of continual air flow in their attics. The multiple industry standard vents weren't doing a good enough job of removing the summer's hot air and the winter's moist air. So Dan Rheaume designed a fan and solar panel that could be attached to the metal vents that are used by roofers every day. Over many years, he has continued to develop more and more solar-powered vent/fans for all sorts of applications.

All products are made in the USA.