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Spray Vitamins
SpectraSpray’s life-changing oral spray vitamins provide functional support and healthy aging for all lifestyles. In addition to supporting the traveler, their unique lifestyle kits support families, college students, active adults, prenatal and bariatric patients.  

Pill free and easy to use anytime, anywhere, make them an on-the-go wellness solution, with no need to find water or food to take! JUST SPRAY!

‘Made in the USA’ - oral sprays provide superior absorption of nutrients only, bypassing the digestive process. They support a healthy lifestyle through supporting restorative sleep, natural energy levels, repleting important nutrients, conquering stress & brain fog, and building up the immune system. Doctors, nutritionists, and travel stores share products to change lives due to the high absorption and ultra-convenience.

Founder, Janet Ryan is a wellness consultant who is passionate about helping others live well. Her high-absorption oral sprays can be taken at anytime, anywhere, making them super convenient for an active lifestyle. Their powerful and unique nutrient formulas are pharmaceutical grade and delivered rapidly without the burden of binders, fillers, or common allergens. Her family history of her mom's early onset Alzheimer's has fueled her past 25 years of research in nutrition, genetics, and microbiome-gut health.

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