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Express Strong Conservative Values With Fun Novelty Products

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Express your strong conservative values and have some fun doing it with fun products from Squash Socialism!

Cancel culture seems to have taken the fun out of everything. Nearly all businesses are afraid to stand for anything out of fear they may offend a random online keyboard warrior. With the radical left-wing woke crowd, not even a pancake syrup is safe from cancellation.

So we created a brand to ensure we offended every radical left-winger possible. Not only do we want to crush the cockroach of socialism and watch free-market capitalism thrive, but we also want conservatives to be able to have a laugh while we do it.

Founded in Missouri by two lifelong friends, we are dedicated to providing conservatives in America an outlet to make politics enjoyable. We pack and ship all of our orders by hand in our Missouri warehouse 1-3 business days from when the order is received and back all products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you want to enjoy watching your favorite pooch tear into your most loathed politician in the form of a chew toy or use toilet paper with progressive politicians' faces on each sheet... Here at Squash Socialism, you will always be entertained!