Terror Strikes by Joseph M. Lenard

A Deep Dive Into the Root of Terrorist Activities

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A deep dive into the root of terrorist activities through the narrative style of Joseph M. Lenard, Enjoy your discounted copy of "Terror Strikes"!

Joseph M Lenard (aka JLenardDetroit) born in the 1960s, is very much a person of the 1980s, a lifelong Michigan resident. Conservative/Constitutionalist MI Political Activist since 1978. Blogger, speaker, writer, vlogger. Frequent participant on WAAM (1600AM Ann Arbor Michigan) Radio weekend programs. Former Writing-Group Chair for "Rattle With Us" TEAParty organization. His writing reflects his diverse background in hotel operations, information technology, politics, and psychology. Webmaster and/or Newsletter Editor for several Conservative Republican (MICD12GOP, TRC, Wayne-12) committees/groups.

About TERROR STRIKES: Detroit newspaperman Marten embarks on a journey to write a book on Terrorism titled: Terrorist Tracks. Follow him, his family, friend Nic (FBI), to discover their Family Values, and visit Nevada, Illinois, Ontario Canada, London Britain, Madrid Spain, and Tokyo Japan, along the way. Discover not only a book within a book but a new/innovative (in keeping with the internet age) blog within a book, as Marten uses his past blogs as potential book sub-theme subject matter.

Terrorism, past, present, future - converging.

This is NOT a book about death, but one about LIFE (and Living) and of those (foreign and domestic) that would deprive others of that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. This book is intended for all audiences - young (who are lacking this learning in schools), old, and everywhere in-between; male, female, not a macho, shoot-em-up, blood and guts, fare; religious, non-religious; political, non-political. However, it is impossible to address the topics and why they want to kill us without delving into some religious texts and politics. The Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Quran are all addressed.

Also, be sure to check out Joseph’s follow-up book How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques, which provides a guide to assist your journey from writing to publishing options, and post-published author marketing.