The Divorce of America

Action-Packed Drama Ripped From the Headlines

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The Divorce of America
An exciting, action-packed romp through the heart of America in a scattered near future in the aftermath of the 2020 election, "The Divorce of America" is sure to be a new classic!

The Divorce of America is a very enjoyable novel with drama, action & intrigue. It starts right after the 2020 election and takes the reader several years into the future. The book is easy and even offers some creative solutions for America’s challenges. It also offers a look at a socialist version of the USA.

The story is a wake-up call to America - so it makes a perfect gift for your liberal friends! It gives hope to patriots, so it makes a perfect gift for your conservative friends.

Enjoy this “ripped from the headlines” drama that happens to have lessons for Americans interwoven throughout.