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Auto Parts Jewelry - Crosses, Hearts & Stars - Critter Jewelry - Bracelets - Zodiac Jewelry - Stone Rings & ID Jewelry
The Silver Hammer Artisans are committed to providing Mammoth Nation members with the finest sterling silver (92.5) and 14k gold jewelry. Since starting in 1966, The Silver Hammer has made many different styles and types of jewelry designs.

The Silver Hammer Artisans have many years of experience in designing and creating jewelry items in the following categories: Crosses, Hearts & Stars, Animal Jewelry, all types of Bracelets, Stone & Identification Jewelry and Zodiac Symbols Jewelry.

The final category is an exclusive collection from The Silver Hammer's Auto Parts Silver Jewelry and Engine Rings that includes items such as Mag Wheel Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Cuff Links and Chain Link Bracelets, Auto Parts Silver Charms Bracelets. Steering Wheel Earrings and Belt Buckles. Auto Parts Silver Jewelry items are fun and unique automotive jewelry items.

We have created over 50+ design combinations of sterling silver Engine Rings. One of our most unique creations is our Engine Ring "Look-A-Like!" Customers share pictures of their Custom, Street Rod, Dragster or Classics engines to create your “Look-A-Like” into a wearable Engine Ring! Auto enthusiasts really love our sterling silver or gold Engine Rings!

All our sterling silver (92.5) and 14k gold jewelry is created from special wax used in casting jewelry items designed and handcrafted in our production studio in Pennsylvania. Our Artisans create jewelry made from sterling silver sheets and different wire sizes. We also have the ability to create jewelry items hand carved from special wax models for casting. In addition, The Silver Hammer has an endless ability to create jewelry by using high-tech Auto Cad Computer generated jewelry designs. Your company's logo or organization's logo can be perfectly made into an item of jewelry for an awards, fundraisers or retirement gifts.

The Silver Hammer Artisans truly enjoy creating your "One-of-a-Kind" jewelry items which can become a family heirloom some day! Gold and Silver has also been a good value with the passage of time! When wearing these jewelry items you will quickly learn you are wearing a conversation piece!

If you can think it, The Silver Hammer Artisans can make it! Each member of Mammoth Nation has “Your Personal Silversmith” available to create whatever jewelry you can dream!

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