The Taco Rack by The American Taco

Make Tacos Great Again!

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Stainless Steel Taco Cookware & Servers
The Taco Rack, by The American Taco, is a business based out of New York, with our production facility in the Great State of Tennessee.

If you love tacos at home but hate the stress and mess of taco cooking, we suggest you "check out my rack!" The original purpose of our products was made only for the owner's family to help streamline the issues we all face on home Taco Nights.

Fast forward to today, The Taco Rack brand is preparing, cooking, and serving Hot Crisp Tacos (sometimes with melted cheese) in thousands of homes and restaurants nationwide. We are confident that once you try The Taco Rack on your next taco night, you will NEVER make tacos without it again. Once you go Rack, you never go Back!

Our Taco Racks are Stainless Steel and designed to last a lifetime. From Oven or Grill to Table, you can create awesome tacos for the family, which are easily prepared, cooked, and served HOT to the family all at once—leaving the cold garnishing for all to do at the table.

Dishwasher-safe, stackable space-saving features make these items a product you will use over and over again. We invite you to join our growing Taco Rack Family and experience restaurant-quality taco nights at home! Elevate your tacos and taco nights with your set of Taco Racks, only by The American Taco.

Our products are featured in many restaurants and restaurant chains, such as Tacos 4 Life, Tipsy Tacos, and Jose Peppers, to name a few in the States, with even some in Canada at Añejo Restaurant & Blanco Cantina!

Taco Rack products are sold exclusively on our website. Once there, pick and choose the best combination of products to fit your family's taco cooking needs. Take advantage of Mammoth Nation's Patriot Discount of 15% off your entire order, and join us for the best Taco Nights of your life!