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Modern Magnet Tie Clips

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Tie Clips
Hold your tie in place without damage or slipping with TIE MAGS™ MAGNETIC TIE CLIPS!

Tie Mags are magnetic tie clips for neckties. I started this business ten years ago in my college dorm and have grown Tie Mags into a men's accessory worn by tens of thousands worldwide. As a first-generation American, the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country has been running through my veins from the start. From the very beginning, a requirement was to have this Made in the USA. From the engraving of the magnets to the packaging itself, I have worked with companies here in America over the past decade to create a better tie clip that is proudly Made in the USA.

The idea for Tie Mags came after my roommates began complaining about tie clips that never stay straight and tie pins that damage ties. The light bulb turned on, and I told myself, "There has to be a better way to accessorize your necktie without damaging it." I spent the entire next summer testing prototypes and various methods and found that using magnets would be the best solution. Tie Mags was launched by the beginning of my junior year, and I sent out the first order within two weeks.

Flimsy tie clips and sharp tie pins have plagued neckties since their inception. A flimsy tie clip will look crooked on a tie and provide an incomplete style look. Tie pins puncture a permanent hole in the tie, damaging it and forcing you to wear a pin with that select tie. Tie Mags takes a different approach. Using the strongest magnets found on earth, Tie Mags hold your necktie firmly in place with style. One back-piece magnet is hidden behind your shirt slit, and one Tie Mag is on the front of your tie. The two magnets create a strong bond that holds your tie in place for a completely dapper look.