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Hand-Crafted Kitchen Products

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Kitchen Aprons - Cozies - Mitts - Bibs
Quality and care in every stitch from Trinity Creations!

I have sewn ever since I was old enough to help my mother cut and sew together quilt blocks. I have always had the love of creating something that would bring a smile to another person. I spent my professional years creating computer programs that filled a need for my company.

When I retired my family urged me to share my sewing with others. Trinity Creations was born from that when I was asked to make some microwave bowl cozies.

I started out with just one product and found my niche making things for the kitchen that make life a little easier for people. Each item I sell is handcrafted and made in my sewing room. I search for the best materials and live by my motto “Quality and Care in Every Stitch”.