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Custom Pro Mouthgear

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Every Verve Performance Labs mouthpiece is the result of decades of human performance studies and the input of our dental, medical, chiropractic, physiotherapy, elite athletic, and U.S. military professionals. Our products are worn by professionals: MLB, NASCAR, MMA/UFC, PBR, NFL, U.S. Military, and others.

Our products allow you to increase your oxygen intake and communicate freely. You can train harder, perform better, recover faster, and repeat.

We offer two models:
VO2Max Custom Pro Protection Upper (contact sports, fighting)
VO2Max Custom Pro Performance Lower (all sports/activities)

Our company values are simple and straightforward – help others with our team's knowledge and passion for improving people's lives with wellness products we develop, discover and share.
  • Full custom handcrafted solution
  • The ultimate in fit and performance
  • Professional athletic grade
  • Full custom individual fit and performance
  • Laboratory handcrafted
  • Professional dental grade solution
  • For those who demand the ultimate solution
  • Professional athlete and celebrity endorsed