1903 Spray On Polish

Carnauba Spray Wax / Polish

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1903 Carnauba Spray Wax - Microfiber Applicators - Microfiber Car Wash/Duster Mitt

1903 Spray on Polish, the Finest Carnauba Spray Wax/Polish in the World Since 2016

There is No Substitute for 1903 Spray on Polish!

1903 is a pure carnauba wax that produces the deepest glossiest shine on any type of paint finish. It is easy to apply and easy to buff off, and it gives your motorcycle or car an incredible wet-look shine. After just one application, you will see for yourself that 1903 Spray on Polish is the finest carnauba spray polish/wax in the world. 1903 Spray on Polish is distributed exclusively in North America by 1903 Spray on Polish, and we are seeking national and international distributors.

The World's Finest Carnauba Spray Wax/Polish

Numerous synthetics and man-made products have been designed to protect the finish of your motorcycle or car. However, there is one natural compound that is superior to synthetics: carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is derived from the leaves of a palm plant that is grown only in the harsh mountains of northeastern Brazil. It produces a glossy finish that makes it an ideal automotive wax.

Now Available in Harley-Davidson Dealerships, Cycle Shops, and online

The finest and most costly grade of carnauba wax is Number One Yellow. 1903 Spray on Polish is guaranteed to be made in small batches from the highest grade of hand-selected Number One Yellow Carnauba Wax and priced accordingly. For this reason, you will not find 1903 Spray on Polish in the auto parts store at this time.

1903 Spray on Polish is a pure carnauba spray wax that is easy to apply and easy to remove. Other Liquid waxes on the market simply do not measure up to 1903 Spray on Polish. They do not provide the deep shine that turns a good paint job into a brilliant paint job. Unlike most waxes available today, 1903 Spray on Polish contains no cleaners, powders, abrasives, or PTFE sealants. This is crucial to protecting the finish on your motorcycle or car because products containing cleaners, powders, or abrasives remove some of your vehicle's finish every time you wax.

Outshining the Competition Since 2016