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Branded Apparel

Do you love Freedom? Well, if you do, your time to shine is coming because lady Liberty needs to be protected at all costs. This is impossible if we become flimsy and weak-minded people. This is where American Iron Outfitters comes into play.

We want to unite people for the common cause of preserving freedom and push them to be Made of Iron - mentally and physically.

We design comfortable clothing for any task, whether relaxing or working out in the gym. These shirts are perfect for all of it while bearing bold and simplistic designs that are not to be mistaken.

The American people are tough and resilient; this is why we are Made of Iron! We believe Veterans have also shown the most significant definition of being Made of Iron, so with every shirt purchased, $1 is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project! We continuously grow and plan to do so much more as we do. This is more than a company; it’s a movement to save America. Are YOU prepared to be part of it?