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Men's & Women's Wearable Truth
We are Truth Tees and our favorite colors are red, white and blue. We create t-shirts that have powerful messaging through the use of satire, sarcasm and wit, visual parodies and metaphors, word puns and rhymes, along with semiotics. In this manner, Truth Tees provides sound-minded and like-minded folks with Wearable Truth, thus sharing and disseminating the messaging into the public sphere.

Our tees feature premium soft cotton for a great feel and fit and are 100% U.S. cotton. We provide men's sizes and women's sizes for an optimal fit. Our tees feature original copyrighted artwork that is bold on message and clever in design. All tees have a main frontal imprint and a small back imprint with our logo and website right below the neckline.

Truth Tees is a pro-America and pro-freedom family-owned business.