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Statement Protest Apparel Aimed at the CCP

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Statement Apparel - Masks - Mugs

Protest apparel aimed at the Chinese Communist Party from COVID Sapien!

Feel things are wrong with the world, but ponder, 'Is there nothing I can do?'

Reality: Changing the world is difficult; few individuals have made global differences. Feel better yet? In the US, we all get to vote (sort of). Some attend rallies, and others post on social media or complain over a few drinks at the pub. Few actually do anything. Most grumble on the Internet, at rallies, or in the bar.

COVID Sapien has one goal: to "Shame" the Chinese Communist Party. Global governments are no help. Our government (current Administration) may be in collusion with the CCP. Some say DNC = Biden = CCP. Some say the US has been bought — by China. There may be a vaccine for COVID. Is there one for the CCP? The Pandemic may be over, but the atrocities of the CCP have continued since its inception in the 1940s.

"It is NEVER about the people - it is ALWAYS about the CCP; that's why it's Official"

Express your distrust, disgust, and disillusionment of the communist 'utopia' and the CCPs 100-year goal of being #1 World Power by 2045 (they seem to be ahead of schedule).

COVID Sapien offers protest apparel aimed at the CCP and supporting President Trump. Our products are sourced in many countries; we always avoid China whenever possible. The Chinese Communist Party "Lose Face" every day they deny their global crimes against Humanity. We can pressure them by protesting "In their Face."

We do not collect or sell your data. We, the People, can effect change if we protest together, proudly wearing our 'PPP' Persistent & Peaceful Protest! Few people wear masks now, but a good protest mask really stands out!