Avalon Meat Candy

Gourmet Jerky With a Distinct Twist on Texture & Flavor

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Christian Petersen’s Avalon Meat Candy opened in April 2016 and is the culmination of Petersen’s passion for beef jerky. His love for the snack, which has lasted more than a decade, originally took him on a quest to find the best beef jerky. He thought he had found it in Huntington Beach, but the store would always run out. Instead of relying on someone else, he decided to figure out how to make his own. “And now I have the best!” Petersen said the secret to making good jerky starts with buying the best meats. Petersen also gets his ingredients for the jerky, such as the honey and spices, from local vendors.

With 4 generations of family serving in the military, Petersen finished his time in the US Coast Guard and started Avalon Electric, which provides service to Las Vegas and parts of California. He would bring his signature jerky whenever visiting clients or prospective business partners. “It got to a point where people would say they didn’t need my company’s service but wanted to know if they could have jerky.” Soon a hobby and gift for friends turned into a business venture, and Avalon Meat Candy was born.

Texture — Original cut and our new crispy thin, which is like a beef jerky potato chip and practically melts in your mouth.

Flavor — With over 20 flavors ranging from our traditional smokey original to our famous mango tango, we use real natural smoke and Aloha sauces for our Hawaiian-style jerky.

Production — Everything is made in our USDA kitchen by hand in small batches in our proprietary smokers and ovens right here in Las Vegas. Nothing is outsourced, and we offer tours of our production facility if you are in the Las Vegas area.

Finish — The result is a delightfully fresh take on gourmet jerky with flavors and textures that are sure to excite.