Ballistics Matter

Lifestyle Brand for Patriots With a Deep Appreciation of Our 2nd Amendment

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T-Shirts - Racerbacks - Hoodies - Hats - Stickers - Patch - Bullet Casing Paracord Bracelet - Tumbler
What started out as a conversation between two friends about zeroing an AR-15 has led to so much more.

Ballistics Matter.

We support our Constitution and our rights as citizens to protect ourselves under the Second Amendment. There is a vivid parallel between ballistics and our focus, aim and trajectory in life.

We wanted to provide high-quality clothing to American Patriots who love their country, but our purpose is so much bigger than that. Our creed is Freedom. Our passion is helping veterans transition from military to civilian life. Our goal is to help them find direction and purpose in life, acquire the benefits they deserve, and combat and help prevent veteran suicide. We donate a portion of all proceeds to Black Dagger Military Hunt Club, a dynamic foundation that provides healing through adaptive shooting events, hunting and fishing trips for veterans.

You buy, we give. We love what we do but believe in so much more than being just an apparel company. We want to support and assist veterans on their journey beyond separating from service. We love our country and support our armed forces, veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. We will not comply with anything that violates our constitutional rights as Americans to seek Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.