Coin Rings by Kai

Coin Rings by Kai

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Coin Rings by Kai


Save on a variety of high quality silver and gold coin rings from Coin Rings by Kai!

silver and gold coin rings from Coin RIngs by Kai At Coin Rings by Kai, we offer a wide selection of silver and gold coin rings. We use only authentic VF or better grade coins in crafting our rings. Each coin ring is sized to fit and guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship. (printable ring sizer available)

Several of our selections offer specific years if you would like to commemorate a special date.
silver and gold coin rings from Coin RIngs by Kai
Excellent customer service, coupled with our quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We offer a money back guarantee and ALWAYS free shipping.

Our coin rings are crafted in Augusta GA and we are a veteran owned and operated company. Coin Rings by Kai is your best choice for quality coin rings.

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