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We founded American Lictor because we were tired of seeing so many Patriotic Brands not only making their products overseas but acting openly hostile to the people they supposedly represented. We didn't want to be a company that just pandered to us and told us what we wanted to hear but one that would back up that rhetoric with action and live and function in line with our stated values.

That's why we don't just do the bare minimum to say "Made in USA." We LIVE and DIE by these words. Every single thing we ever make is not only made by us right here in Indiana and Alabama but we ONLY use tools and components that are also made in the USA. It doesn't end there either, our on-site storage, our packaging, our software...we mean absolutely everything that goes into our products is also made in the USA.

The re-building of our culture, economy and nation is the most important issue of our lifetime. Buying local and strengthening the supply chain at home is one small step that everyone can do to work towards this noble goal. That's why in addition to our made in USA clothing and accessories we also offer free unlimited assistance to any small American business who is looking to onshore or source American-made materials.