Body Armor Vent

Armor Evaporation & Ventilation Technology

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Build Your Own I.C.E. Retro Fit Kit - Backpack Vent
Body Armor Vent EVAP Technology™ is the patent-pending evaporation and ventilation technology found in all of our vent panels. Our I.C.E. and B-24 panels create a continuous airflow between your torso and body armor. Cool air is drawn in, and your own breathing pushes out hot, humid air. This effective evaporative cooling, moving air over moisture, works just like your home AC! Our proprietary foam-filled, vertical air channels force airflow upwards and through horizontal vent holes to enable true evaporation of sweat from behind your armor. This keeps your body's temperature down in the summer and your body much drier and warmer in the winter.

We offer you choices in how you vent your body armor. Are you running a plate carrier or a concealable vest? Check out the I.C.E. Retro Fit Kits. These Retro Fit Kits are designed to fit any plate carrier or concealable vest on the market. If you are looking to customize your vent or running a larger exterior armor kit, we suggest the B-24 Custom Fit Kits.

Available in three sizes, Full Sheet, Half Sheet, or Quarter Sheet. The perfect choice for the elite operator looking to truly customize their kit. The B-24 Custom Fit Kit can be used on all your gear, thigh rigs, chest rigs, backpacks, and much more.