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Affordable Combat-Ready Rifle-Rated Armor for Civilians

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Body Armor

Foxhole Armor is a veteran-owned, small business located in Phoenix, Az. We are on a mission to help the average American civilian get access to combat-ready, rifle-rated body armor at an affordable price.

We manufacture our plates in-house using heat-tempered, mill-certified, military-grade steel. Additionally, every batch of our plates is professionally tested to meet NIJ specifications for level III armor, protecting against multiple hits from ammunition up to 7.62 x 51 mm, 149-grain (M80) FMJ rounds.

Our Patriot Home Defense (PHD) Armor includes everything a civilian needs to confidently defend their homes, their families, and themselves from any danger that may intrude upon them.

No upselling or nickel and diming!

What makes it "for civilians?"

  • Curved side plates are included with every set because civilians are usually trained to shoot their rifle at a 45-degree angle which exposes a gap in your armor and opens your vitals to the enemy when only wearing chest plates.
  • Trauma pads are included with every set to reduce the blunt force trauma that can be caused by getting shot with high-caliber rifle rounds.
  • Our chest plates are made using an ambidextrous Shooters Cut which many of our customers have found can help improve their shot group because it cradles the rifle rather than obstructing it.
  • Every Patriot Home Defense set also includes a flat back plate because that's the most comfortable option when carrying a loadout or sitting in a vehicle.
  • Our plate carrier is designed for QRF - Quick Reactionary Force - meaning that once assembled and properly fitted (it has an adjustable cummerbund and shoulder straps), a user is able to go from lying in bed to armed and armored in a matter of seconds (often only 3-5 after a couple tries).

And what we are really known for...

  • Every Breastplate we sell comes with BOTH a multi-hit curve AND our Anti-Spall buildup which is designed to help catch the bullet spall (pieces of the bullet) caused when a bullet hits steel at high speeds. While we are not the only company that makes this type of coating, we ARE the ONLY company that refuses to sell without it because saving American lives is why we do what we do.

We take great pride in the fact that our armor is designed for people like us, so we intentionally make armor with the same combination of features that we keep in our homes for ourselves.

We believe self-defense is an American right and that in order to truly exercise that right every Armed American ought to also be an Armored American.