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Ambidextrous, Ergonomic Vertical Forward Gun Grip

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Gun Grip
My name is Damon DeRousse, and I've been involved in many work-related avenues throughout my life. It began with an HVAC career, eventually changing my career; I started working as a graphic designer. Shortly after 9-11, I was laid off, went back to college, got my bachelor's degree in criminal justice, and went into law enforcement. I eventually decided to leave my Federal career in law enforcement and headed into Illinois state corrections. I currently work in corrections at Menard Correctional Facility, a maximum state prison located in Chester, IL, the home of “Popeye.”

My passion was to create a grip that outperforms all other grip(s) produced on the market. The grip I've created increases the shooter's accuracy, stability, and overall comfort. Many long design hours with blood, sweat, and absolutely no liberal tears into this development. This grip wasn't a “hey, let's rush this project and get it out to customers” … I spent nearly ten years developing this grip as a small entity business, owning 100% of the company. The product you see today has been hand sculpted from clay, 3D scanned/printed, patented, and now into production, made in the USA. It's made of military-grade nylon plastic with a 30% glass fill, making it extremely durable.

This is an advanced ambidextrous, ergonomic vertical forward grip, which creates more stability for the user, with four options for hand placement. Our grips can easily be removed/attached or adjusted, designed with the user's comfort in mind! Conventional vertical forward grips provide a less desired grip, creating fatigue and reducing the user's accuracy. Conventional vertical forward grips do not stabilize the firearm as well, which offers moderate comfort and control. Presently, there is no solution with a conventional vertical forward grip to increase stability, accuracy, control, and comfort. That being said … the improved Cockerel vertical forward grip provides an ergonomic feel, is ambidextrous for the user, and provides additional stability to the weapon, improving accuracy/control/comfort.

Thank you,
Damon DeRousse
Cockerel Grip Technologies