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Joyous Jesus Digital Art Series

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Joyous Jesus - Jesus Ministry - People - Nature
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As a child, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said I wanted to be an artist. Throughout my life, it’s been my dream to make a living by making beautiful things.  I find it very interesting and gratifying that I’m starting over and finally living my dream in the later part of my life.

My medium was always painting. I loved painting animals, landscapes, people, and murals. Then I discovered photography, and it took over.  It was a hobby, then it turned into a profession and I made my living with it, but my heart yearned to paint again. There was never time. Decades passed and life marched on. Eventually, I developed a “tick” in my right hand, which made it obvious that I could never paint again. I found myself wishing I could find a way to meld the two skills of painting and photography. A few years ago, I found a tutorial to teach me how to accomplish that meld. I learned to digitally paint my photographs in Photoshop. It was a new creative challenge that I was hungry for. Digital painting became my therapy in the middle of a stressful world and I applied myself with enthusiasm.

The “Joyous Jesus” series was built on the premise that if you love someone, the desire of your heart is to see them happy. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and make it my life’s goal to walk closely with Him. This series is an expression of that love and the desire to share Him with others.

At age 67, it seems odd to be starting at square one but it’s also very exciting. I never had much use for a rocking chair. Finally, getting to live my dream seems like a lot more fun.

As I look back, I can see that the disability of a “tick” in my hand turned into a true blessing. Without it, I may never have looked for a way to paint digitally. The hand of God was in it. This teaches me even more to trust Him when life is uncomfortable.

~Deb Minnard