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Linen Gripper - Wipe Away - All Purpose Pillow, I-Beam Pillow - Calculator & Small Electronics Wedge - Keyboard Wedge - Laptop Wedge
Dr. Handy's Inc. is run by a family with 4 generations of inventors. The company was founded to bring some of these ideas to life. The focus of the company is to design, patent, and sell products that make life a little easier. Products like the Linen Gripper hold your sheets to the mattress. While other products, like the Keyboard Wedge, raise your computer's keyboard up at a better angle and make typing more comfortable. We even offer a laptop wedge to make those Zoom meetings a little easier by raising the laptop screen up at a better angle.

Another popular seller is the Wipe-Away. These tiny pocket-sized squares are perfect for removing dust, lint, and pet hair from your clothes. Wipe-Aways are small enough to put in your pocket without being bulky and strong enough to do the job. And they are reusable too!

One of our best-selling products is our I-Beam pillow. This little pillow is great for side sleepers. It helps to align your hips, legs, & lower back. And in 2023, we are proud to launch the first ever Children's size I-Beam Pillow too. And the best part is that they are all made right here in the USA!

Check back often, as several products will be launched this year.