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Back in 1993, a family of shooters got bored with the same old black targets and frustrated with the inability to see where shots were landing. This combined with being professional printers naturally lent itself to the creation of a new and more efficient target. The designing and printing of targets for family enjoyment began. They needed to be easier to see and offer variety in shooting while still being cost effective. Highly visible fluorescent red ink and contrasting bold black ink were the beginning. Next came designing a target that enhanced and improved the shooter's skill. A ton of lead and years of trial and error later emerged a dozen different styles of handgun and rifle targets. For years, the Gregory family along with fellow shooters continued successfully firing at those targets. It was now possible to see the target, see where the shot landed and shoot more rounds at each outing...thus the trademarked name EZ2C Targets was born.

Fellow shooters using the targets had such a positive experience that with their urging, it was decided to make the targets readily available to the public.

In 2012, EZ2C Targets reentered the industry with a full line of high-quality, easily visible targets. Currently, with over 37 various styles, EZ2C Targets continues to develop new and exciting styles. Targets are designed with the shooter's needs in mind. Many styles have actually been developed directly from customers' suggestions. EZ2C Targets works directly with the public through their well-maintained website, toll-free customer service line and at weekly public events resulting in continual product development. EZ2C Targets welcomes customer suggestions and encourages shooter feedback.

EZ2C Targets offers a full product line, including the 11" x 17" full-size target, the mini self-adhesive targets, and various gun accessories and supplies. 25 full-sized targets are conveniently padded together, resulting in a handy, easy-to-store tear-off pad. Targets are also available which provide entertainment and amusement, such as Pistol Poker. The website provides a detailed description of each target, including range, bullseye size, grid size, firearm choice, etc. The mini targets are perfect for the do-it-yourself shooter.

These incomparable targets are designed and manufactured in the USA. Through the years, the EZ2C product has become an essential accompaniment to many skilled as well as amateur shooters. The targets have been featured in many popular shooting publications such as Guns and Ammo, Shooting Times, and Handguns. Gun writers and reviewers are constantly using EZ2C Targets in the testing of new guns and ammo.

Today, EZ2C Targets is under the ownership of Mark Gregory. Mark remains committed to maintaining a quality product that improves a shooter's precision and accuracy, which is the reason EZ2C Targets has become a leader within the industry.