The Best Ballistic Eye Protection for Shooters

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Prescription & Non Prescription Glasses
TacticalRx is the world's top eye pro. We are a veteran-founded, family-run small optical business operating out of Denver, Colorado, making the best safety glasses on Earth.

Our line of safety glasses 'TacticalRx' has 6 current frame options, and we also carry all of the best safety glass brands. With our proprietary 'Direct Insert Lens Technology,' we make custom safety-rated prescription lenses in high wrap frames while maintaining high levels of optical clarity throughout the curvature of the lens. TacticalRx and our parent company, Sports Optical, have been making the best in wrap prescription lenses for over 30 years. Put simply, we can make stronger prescriptions into higher curvature lenses with better optical clarity than you can find anywhere else. When other places say, "It's not possible," we get the job done. Worn by police, firefighters, first responders and military for a reason—TacticalRx eyewear offers the highest levels of eye protection for whatever your situation requires.