Shooting Targets 7

Shooting Targets 7

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ShootingTargets7 LLC was founded in 2012 and is a Veteran Owned and Operated company.

We’re adamant supporters of freedom, loathe wokeism, and are unapologetically proud Americans. We believe in hard work, honesty, free market capitalism, limited government, and the constitution.

We take pride in everything we do and work continually to give you maximum value for your dollar. Our customer service and dedication to excellence in all aspects is unmatched, as thousands of shooters will share with you willingly on our website.

We’ve earned the trust of tens of thousands of patriots just like you and have helped keep their shooting skills sharp for over a decade.

Our USA-certified AR500 steels last forever with proper use. Bullets vaporize on impact and provide instant feedback in the form of sound and movement when hit for more fun and better training. If you’ve never shot steel before, stop by, see what you’ve been missing, and Let Freedom Ring!

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