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Decon Products - Shower Accessories

Hi, I'm Tara, U.S. Navy Veteran, Fire Sister, and Founder/CEO here at FLAME.

I created FLAME when I realized that firefighters didn’t have anything that was specifically designed to remove the toxins from their hair and scalp after a fire incident. Once I realized that, I knew had to do something about it. At the time, my family and I had just changed the mission at our small family owned business, FireMom.com, from gear and gifts to firefighter and fire family wellness. In that transition, I changed up our inventory to make sure we were carrying the right products to support our new mission and realized there was something missing.

That’s when I set out on a mission to find out as much as I could about the toxins firefighters come into contact with during a structure fire, as well as everything about natural decontamination.

I learned about shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I learned about what products are good for natural healing, nourishment, and detoxification, so that I could include those in our products. I learned why we don’t want to include parabens and sulfates in our products and decided we would be a company that stands firm in not including them. I also really dug into the research of activated charcoal and learned EXACTLY how it works.

So, if you work with toxins on a regular basis, please know that these products were designed for firefighters, which means they’re also ready for your job and we’d love to be your daily decon.

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FLAME Natural Decon products are for hard-working Americans who are exposed to toxins through work or play. Originally developed for firefighters, FLAME removes all sizes of toxins, making it the most suitable for decontamination.

As we learn more about toxic exposures causing cancer to those who work in career fields like firefighting, EMS, law enforcement, military, construction, mining, oil jobs, etc., it's important that we're proactive in removing these toxins each day to limit exposure.

That's where FLAME comes in. If your job or hobby exposes you to carcinogens, you should be properly decon'ing with the right products and a simple shower afterward.

Whether you prefer a Bar of Soap or Shampoo + Body Wash, we have you covered. Our products have been tested and remove 70-80% more carcinogens.

Veteran Owned. Made in a small town in Colorado.