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Totes - T-Shirts - Reclaimed Barnwood Table & Bird Houses - Industrial Pipe Plant Hanger

American-made to celebrate Amercian artists, get discounts on unique customized merchandise from Flying Heart Threads!

So many talented artists here in the USA deserve our support. That is what we do; we represent these creative individuals. I have a graphic design and business background, at one time owning my own retail gift store and gallery that represented local artists and craftsmen. In a world where most items you pick up in a store are imported, we only represent American craftsmanship. Can you imagine if more stores made a conscious effort to stock more American products, our economy would improve each time you purchase those products?

I started this company to support American-made and to give back to charities that are special to me. We endorse, PAWS of the Hudson Valley, Pike County Humane Society and other select charities and animal rescues. We offer custom printing for your artwork or logo on any merchandise, including tote bags, tee shirts, magnets, signs, and so much more. We can combine your design with one of ours or make a completely new design, contact us for a quote today. We also sell other Made in the USA artisan goods, wholesale and retail; please contact us for more details.

Flying Heart Threads is a trendsetting American Made online store offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. You can feel good about your purchase; it helps our favorite charities and supports American companies & hopefully also puts a smile on your face.

Our online store has become synonymous with quality and uniqueness, and we ensure a continuous variety of quality American-made merchandise.