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Liberty & Daily Affirmation Wristbands - Liberty QR Code Keychain - Freedom Isn't Free T-Shirt

Founding Principles LLC is committed to fighting woke ideology and all its Marxist tenets. We believe in the principles, values, and beliefs that built this country. Our clothing and accessories offer daily reminders of those principles, values, and beliefs. These products visibly demonstrate patriotism. They also each have a QR code that presents a message that changes daily when scanned. The messages are important quotes from our Founding Fathers, past Presidents, and conservative thought leaders, both past and present. We also offer a "Daily Affirmation" wristband that reminds us of the Judeo-Christian values of the Founding Fathers, providing Psalms and bible quotes.

Our products offer you something new and inspirational each day. By buying them, you will be acting to fight woke! Not only will you be wearing or carrying something that visibly demonstrates patriotism, but 15% of the profit from your purchase will also go to causes dedicated to obliterating woke ideology. These products also make great gifts for those who share your beliefs and your concern for our republic.