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Cruise Customs Flags


Unique American Flag designs custom made by veterans at Cruise Custom Flags!

Custom Made Wooden AMerican Flags from Cruise Custom Flags Cruise Customs Flags began with a passion for the American flag and all that it symbolizes. US Military veteran & Co-Owner, Chris Cruise, understands well the value of patriotism. Seeking a meaningful way to express that, Chris & his wife, Amber, started producing hand-crafted American flags.

Just as bourbon barrels find a new purpose at Cruise Customs Flags, so do our team members. As a veteran himself, Chris understands the challenge of transitioning to civilian life. That is why Cruise Customs Flags have a unique meaning and purpose - to give veterans a new purpose of their own. Giving veterans the opportunity to have meaningful work crafting American flags allows them to take a new step in life while remembering and honoring their time of service.
Custom Made Wooden American Flags from Cruise Custom Flags
“They’re going to take pride in making the American flag, because that’s what we wore on our sleeve every day. It’s in our DNA to always serve something greater than ourselves.” - Chris Cruise

Each flag is hand-crafted by veterans from the military. Using repurposed Kentucky bourbon barrels, no two flags look exactly alike and are thoughtfully made to capture each customer’s personal story of patriotism. We honor these stories by skillfully incorporating personal touches to each flag to showcase that these flags are more than a decoration — they are a representation of a personal, yet shared, love for freedom.

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